PEC Company Registration


Government fees and engineer costs are not included in this price. Additionally, the engineering fee and below mentioned government fee will be applied and paid by you during the registration. Find details below in the description tag.



Services Included: Complete document preparation and registration along with a certificate.

Requirements: Company detail and documents, bank account maintenance detail. Partners CNICs and details company profile. We will prepare the rest documents. Enr biometric and bank account maintenance is required too.

Time: It may take up to two months.


Fee Structure

S. No. PEC License Category License Project Limit Annual / Renewal fee
1. C6 2.5 Million Rs 15,000
2. C5 6.5 Million Rs 30,000
3. C4 20 Million Rs 45,000
4. C3 50 Million Rs 75,000
5. C2 100 Million Rs 1,25,000
6. C1 250 Million Rs 1,50,000
7. CB 400 Million Rs 2,50,000
8. CA No Limit License Rs 4,00,000



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