Terms and Conditions

By placing a service order, you commit to accept liability of all dues and expenses which has been confirmed earlier. Once service order is placed you can not leave that in a mid but you can stop it after clearing all dues. 

By placing a service order your commit to provide us all required information during the process. You also commit to present for sign and meeting wherever required in our office or goverbment relevent body office.

  • You can get your full amount refunded if process has not been started.
  • If process is started but fee has not been paid you can get all the fee refunded along with 50% of service charges.
  • If fee/process has been submitted you can not claim any refudn.

We are consultants, not government body/institute, department or representative. We assure speed services delivery with zero delay from our  side. But if delay occure due to negligence of relevent department, you agree to face the time delay without any internal/external complaints.

All your provided data is discarded on completion of service. Once service is completed and things has been handed over to you, we will not be responsible for databackup availablity.